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Sit Tight, Ride Right, BC SOAR!


Bridgewater Equestrian holds a special place in our hearts.


Coach Melanie was an active member of the equestrian club for all four years that she attended Bridgewater,
and was on the IHSA team her senior year. Her experiences were key to her development as a rider and professional,
and she jumped at the opportunity to return in 2018 as the Assistant Director of Riding.


In 2020, as part of a resource allocation process, Bridgewater cut all lessons, boarding, and competition opportunities except for a 6-woman NCEA team. That summer, Melanie worked closely with club leadership to ensure that future students wouldn't miss out on the experiences that had been so important to her. The club was ultimately able to reform the IHSA, VHSA, USEA, and IDA teams, and when Melanie opened Hat Trick Training, many students chose to continue their riding education with her.


Currently, Hat Trick Training is proud to coach the Bridgewater Equestrian Club IHSA and VHSA teams at shows and provides training and board opportunities to any student seeking a supportive, team-based environment.


For more information on Bridgewater Equestrian, visit their website or email them at

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