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Reach Your Goals

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Hat Trick Training offers lessons to riders of all skill levels - whether you're just starting out or are already
an accomplished equestrian, we can help you meet your goals!


All riders will be asked to complete an evaluation ride before being assigned to a lesson slot based on their skill, riding goals, and schedule. Lesson groups generally consist of 2-3 riders who ride for approximately 45 minutes either on the flat or over fences, although the specific group size and lesson duration will depend on the individual needs of the rider.
Currently, lesson slots are available Monday-Friday, with weekends reserved for horse shows. 

Read about our payment options below or contact us to set up your first lesson!

Per Week

​Riders may choose to pay for lessons on a weekly basis, and can elect to ride either once or twice per week.



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Per Semester

Riders enrolled in college may choose to purchase lessons up front for the semester. The cost covers 16 weeks worth of lessons either once
or twice per week. If the rider misses their lessons, make-ups will be scheduled whenever possible at no charge, but refunds will not be issued except in extreme circumstances.



Image Courtesy of On Course Photos


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